About us

Montenegrin Society of Ophthalmology (COFD) is a non-governmental organization with the objective of affirmation and development of ophthalmological science and practice in Montenegro.

Society was founded on June 10, 2005, on the initiative of late Dr Borivoje Vukčević with the support of several ophthalmologists, asits founders. Dr Borivoje Vukčević was the first president of the Society, however, his sudden death after only half a year from the founding of Society lead to the cessation of Society’s activities.Two years later, other members of the Board of Directors have restarted activities of the Society and have organized the first Assembly of the Society on February 18, 2008, where Dr Aoaneta Adžić Zečević, PhD was elected as the President of the Society and she was president in two mandate. Dr Zoran Koturović, MD/MS  was the President of the Society during the period of 2016-2018 and Dr Biljana Milojko Šćepović MD,Ph, during the period of 2018-2023. At the last Extraordinary Assemblly which was held on April 1,2023 the new president for the next mandate is Dr Nikola Cvijović MD.

In  the past fifteen-year period, Society has organized ten expert meetings and one seminar and became member of the European Society of Ophthalmology (SOE) and South-East European Ophthalmological Society (SEEOS).The crown of the Society’s activity was the organization of the First Congress of the Ophthalmologist of Montenegro with international participation and the 12th Congress of the Association of South-Eastern Europe Ophthalmologists (SEEOS), which was held from 15-18 October 2015. in Budva.
Representative of the Society in the SOE Board was Ass Prof Antoaneta Adžić Zečević (2010-2016) and Zoran Koturović MD/PhD, (2016-2018) and Biljana Milojko Šćepović MD/PhD, (2018-2023). The representative in the SOE Board in the next term will be Dr Nikola Cvijović MD, while representative of the Society in the SEEOS Board is Dr Edita Files Bradarić.

In the next period, the Society will continue to organize expert meetings, inform ophthalmologists about current events in the area of ophthalmology, international meetings and congresses, encourage ophthalmologists to actively participate in meetings and congresses, recommend opportunities for professional development and education in specific areas of ophthalmology, particularly to younger ophthalmologists, develop cooperation with other similar societies, state institutions and campaigns related to health education and prevention of  eye diseases and associated diseases.

Objective of the Montenegrin Society of Ophthalmology is to improve organization and quality of ophthalmological services and treatments in Montenegro through its continuous activities, expert and scientific authority.

Membership is voluntary and Society currently has 39 members.

Membership in the Society is obtained by filling of the accession form and payment of annual membership fee of 30€.